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Warehousing & Fulfillment

WG Express offers flexible, versatile storage and warehouse management solutions to meet all your needs, whatever your situation and types of goods. It also provides unparalleled customer service, progressive technology and amazing shipping rates.

In choosing WG, your customers have come to depend on the level of service you provide and when you transition your warehousing and fulfillment needs to WG, your customers’ expectations will continue to be not just met but exceeded through our expertise.

Domestic & International Shipping

Standard Domestic Delivery

Within Metro Manila, orders are shipped through our WG Express team with a guaranteed next day delivery. For some selected provincial areas like Cavite, Laguna, Bulacan, Rizal and Batangas expected delivery lead time is within 1-2 business days. Rest of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao are shipped through our 3PL partner with approximately 3-4 business days transit time.

Standard International Delivery

All International shipments are shipped via DHL and SPEEDPOST. Delivery lead time will be based per country of destination. All shipments may be subject to customs and duty taxes and/or brokerage fees. WG cannot be responsible for any such fees that may be assessed on International shipments.

All shipments both domestic and international are fully insured for the total value of their contents with corresponding fees. Customers who do not wish to have their shipments insured may waive the insurance; it should be indicated on the template as a remark before doing the upload using the portal. When insurance has been waived WG cannot assume responsibility for any shipment that does not reach its destination, or reaches its destination in poor condition, and will not replace lost or damaged merchandise. A customer who waives insurance thereby accepts full responsibility for the shipment.

Upon request via email, we will be happy to provide an estimate of the shipping charges. Customers must provide a complete list of all the items that will be in the shipment as well as the full shipping address, including the postal code and country. This will be an estimate only and not a guaranteed shipping rate.

Cash On Delivery

WG Express offers cash on delivery nationwide with applicable charges. Transaction is hassle free, safety from credit card fraud and cheaper rates.

Guaranteed Next Day

When you're sending something important and valuable, WG Express is the right choice for you. From date of pick up, our guaranteed next day delivery option provide peace-of-mind assurance your shipment will arrive when needed. With quicker transit times, you get faster speed of market, quicker order-cycle times and lower inventory carrying costs.

Land, Sea & Air Cargo

When your requirements are our commitments, WG Express offers an array of services and equipment to get your shipments delivered where and when you need them.

Land Cargo

WG utilize any type of vehicle necessary for shipping, allowing us to provide the most practical equipment for any shipment.

Air Cargo

We ensure you achieve the speed you require from using air cargo, at a reasonable cost. This service should be used when time is the most important factor in moving your products around the world.

Sea Cargo

WG provides you with the most economical solutions for your ocean freight.


Experience a hassle free, safe and reliable logistics and warehousing.

WG is now one of the top choice in logistics industry, continuing to expand the range in welcoming partnerships such as corporate accounts which benefits advanced solutions and offering high quality of service.