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Application Programming Interface - API

For customers who wish to integrate their website to provide a consistent and programmatic method, WG Express is API ready by enabling data sharing between internal IT systems and between one organization to another. It is an innovative design for online services.

Client Portal

Managing your shipping is easy with WG’s client portal. It provides you with a helping hand in streamlining and simplifying shipping needs. It features bulk importing of manifest, making pick-ups easy, check the status of your shipments in real time, request a pull out and much more.

Warehouse Management System - WMS

WG Express develops and offers an advanced technology and operating processes that optimize all warehousing functions. These functions typically begin with receipts from suppliers and end with shipments to customers, and include all inventory movements and information flows in between.

The Benefits

Faster inventory turns, more efficient use of available warehouse space, reduce in inventory paperwork, improved cycle counting, reduced dependency on warehouse personnel, enhance customer service and improved labor productivity.

KPI Delivery Measures

WG Express has the capability to provide data, either formatted or raw, which analyses the delivery status and time for delivery on all shipments. Depending on what you require from your report, our WG client online portal will provide you with all the data you require. These reports will be available to determine particular performance measures through our reporting function.

Experience a hassle free, safe and reliable logistics and warehousing.

WG is now one of the top choice in logistics industry, continuing to expand the range in welcoming partnerships such as corporate accounts which benefits advanced solutions and offering high quality of service.